Oxytocin: Love Hormone as Addiction Treatment

Love by Shaira Dela Peña

Oxytocin is commonly known as the love drug or love hormone. This is due to the fact that it is a natural hormone that helps establish bonds between mother and child. Although it helps establish family bonds, it also is responsible in part for learning by association, regulation of other reproductive hormones, regulating the rewarding stimulation in our brain, and influencing our responses to memories and stress. According to Moeini and colleagues, this is the part that allows the hormone to be capable of helping someone recover from an addiction.


Social Media Personality Traits Across the World

Social Media by rawpixel

Social media is an increasingly large part of our every day lives. It is relevant in any topic of discussion due to the fact that politicians, CEOs, artists, and everyday people use mediums such as Twitter or Instagram. Whether or not you use it frequently is a choice everyone makes for themselves, but did you think your choice can be predicted by your personality type and traits? While some traits are more obvious as they are at the front of any social media platform, others are a little more surprising.


Plasma as Potential Cancer Treatment in Mice

Non-Thermal Plasma Demonstration by Matsumoto et. Al.

Cancer therapies vary from drugs to radiation to plasma. You read that right, plasma. According to Lin. et Al., Non-Thermal Plasma can be used to treat cancer by damaging tumor cells and making use of the bodies’ natural defense mechanism. Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP) is a substance with enough energy to allow the electrons to flow from atom to atom while also maintaining a relatively low temperature. This release of electrons from the parent atom can cause damaging reactions in the surrounding environment.